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A relationship built on trust resulting in acheiving your dream begins with a first meeting. Here is a warm invitation to begin that relationship.


Needing support with clarity or direction?

As your Real Estate coach, I will bring focus and clarity to your buying, selling or investment decisions.

I will meet your concerns with positivity and encouragement. Let me know how I can help. Contact me today.

Thanks! I will contact you soon.

Before becoming a real estate broker years ago, I had a successful career as a hairdresser and salon/spa owner in New Mexico and Colorado. Over the years, I built a diverse clientele that included local residents, celebrities, politicians, family, friends, and top real estate brokers in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

When it was time for me to purchase my first home in Santa Fe, I selected what I believed to be the best real estate broker to help me with the transaction. However, after three months of tears and sleepless nights, I found myself sitting alone at the closing table without representation. This experience made me realize that I could do a better job and led me to pursue a career in real estate.

After years of experience as a traditional Realtor, a Qualifying Broker, and a Brokerage owner, I have developed my skills to become a transaction consultant for my clients. Rather than chasing sales or listings, I focus on providing complete, devoted attention to my clients and connecting them with the most professional and delightful network of Realtors and supporting professionals.
At my brokerage, you can expect to receive the best connection to the best buying and selling teams.

We will work with you to understand your specific desires and customize our services to help you achieve your goals. Our team of professionals has a track record of success in your neighborhoods and understands your lifestyle choices. By understanding your needs, we will not waste your time, energy, and money.

My pledge to you is to alleviate your stress and provide a positive beginning to your process. Our solid team relationships set the tone for your new start, and we will ensure that your experience with us is easy and fun. As our satisfied clients have said, "It was like having our own life and real estate coach to get us on the right track right away!"
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