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Meet the Office Guys

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

One Common Goal in Real Estate Meet the Team

Bernard Tibbetts and Matthew Moody

August 27, 2020 Team Updates

With a blend of creative vision, aesthetic talent, and marketing expertise, Matthew Moody and Bernard Tibbetts provide a full spectrum of skills for their real estate clients. As longtime residents of Santa Fe, they are plugged in to the area's real estate market, its inventory, and how to effectively price your home. With their state-of-the-art Web site, they provide broad exposure for your property. At the same time, their comprehensive marketing strategies optimally showcase your home.

For buyers, their ability to listen to needs and formulate an effective plan to meet them virtually guarantees success.

When you are considering a move to or within this mythical land of diverse cultures or leaving for new adventures for reaches unknown, put your real estate goals in the hands of a team committed to being Bringing You the Best of Both Worlds. Call Matt or Bernie today and get ready to realize your dreams.

Home Buyers and Sellers:

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Home Sellers: Do not be left uninformed. Call today for Matt and Bernie's free special report, 29 Essential Tips That Get Homes Sold Fast (And For Top Dollar). This information will help you maximize your investment. Call now!

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One is a Thinker Who Feels. One is a Feeler that Thinks. Together They Form the Perfect Collaborations.

Watch local businessmen Matthew Moody and Bernard Tibbetts at work, and you are likely to notice how their complementary skills meld together seamlessly. Delve a little deeper, and you might be surprised to learn just how different they are. Spend some time with them, learn what makes them tick, and you will discover a dynamic team comprised of two unique individuals coming from different worlds.

Techno-Savvy Bernard Tibbetts, a business school graduate with a degree in Information Technology from the University of New Mexico, is the other half of this dynamic team. A detail-oriented perfectionist, Bernie is "a systems guy" with a firm grasp of technology, an analytical mind, and a finely honed ability to help clients define what their needs are. An ace at Web site marketing with 28 years of experience in the corporate world, Bernie is the prior owner of an Internet marketing and consulting company.

This accomplished businessman is also an avid mountain climber who has "bagged" 30 of the world's "fourteeners"—peaks over 14,000 feet high. A native of Albuquerque committed to living life to the fullest; he is a risk-taker eager to venture into uncharted territory. Look to him for active listening skills, strategizing talent, innovative real estate clients—marketing, and flawless follow-through.

Santa Fe Style- While their skill sets may be dissimilar, these unique individuals are on the same page when it comes to their love for Southwestern, New Mexico, and Santa Fe lifestyle. From the quality of the blue autumn sky and the smell of adobe homes and gardens after a midsummer rain to Indian rug and basket patterns and the spirit of three cultures converging, Matt and Bernie are passionate about the special place they call home: the Greater Santa Fe region, where lifestyle options and dream environments abound.

Cutting Edge Creative Meet Matthew Moody is an intuitive nurturer and former entrepreneur with creative flair, artistic talent, and a keen eye for design. Beginning his career in aesthetics and fashion, a confirmed lifelong learner and certified interior designer, Matt is a highly principled leader passionate about giving back to the community he loves, For over 20 years, he is made his home in Santa Fe and its environs, from downtown off the plaza to the city's outskirts, mountains and traditional communities outside Espanola and Chimayo.

As a firefighter and emergency medical technician for the Cochiti Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Matt enjoyed making a civic contribution before becoming a registered psychiatric nurse and contributing to the country through service with the VA. Other community involvement has been through Heartbridge, a nonprofit organization aimed at providing education and a source of self-esteem for people who have suffered hair loss due to surgeries, stress, and illness. As its founder and director, this astute businessman put his certificate in nonprofit administration from the University of New Mexico's acclaimed Anderson School of Business to work. When he is not volunteering in his hometown or handling his clients' investments, you might find Matt indulging in his passion for restoring homes and melding landscaping with their exterior design. His love for gardening is evident in numerous outdoor projects that draw out a property's charm.

One Common Goal Complementary talents come together to provide a broad palette of skills for Matt and Bernie's real estate clients. With his vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and networking ability, Malt puts buyers and sellers at ease and develops influential functional prequalified professionals to manage client goals. His intuitive skills and aesthetic sensibilities come to the fore when seeking out properties and transforming them into dream homes and investment property. For sellers, Malt's experience in landscape and interior design helps in "staging' a home or environment for maximum impact and bringing in top dollar. As a licensed broker, he has earned the respect of his associates and professionals in his successful career. Matt was honored with a Top 10 Real Estate Agents of 2019. Matt has been nominated again in 2020.

Perfect Teamwork Bernie's complementary talents—a background in business, finesse with information technology and Internet marketing, and skill at systems analyses—are assets in negotiating and provide broad exposure for sellers. Buyers also are well served by listening skills that help them focus their needs and goals. On the buyer side, Bernie excels at using various tools to locate the perfect home. For both buyers and sellers, his attention to detail ensures that every "i" will be dotted and every "t" crossed. Whether you are serious about a move in Greater Santa Fe, relocating to the area or seeking information about this mythic region, turn to the team you can trust to be Bringing You the Best of Both Worlds

An accomplished' mountain climber Bernie has "bagged." 32 of the world's peaks over 14,000-feet-high.

Creativity, listening skill, and technological savvy provide the best of all words for this team's real estate clients

Matt's background in design enables him to provide design consulting to his real estate clients.

NM Offices

MjMoody Real Estate Mobile Matthew: 505.819.3621 Bernard: 505 603-9120 Matthew:

Web site:

Mailing Address: 12210 Eric Ct NE Albuquerque, NM 87112

Moreno Valley: 505 819-3621

Albuquerque Main: (505) 819-3621

Santa Fe Main: 505 819-3621

Northern New Mexico Southern New Mexico and National Inquiry: (505) 819-3621

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